Reference Committees

Reference Committee hearings offer an opportunity for any member to participate in the TDA policy-making process. All members are encouraged to attend the hearings scheduled on Thursday, May 7, 2020. All 2019-2020 resolutions will be discussed before presentation to the TDA House of Delegates for policy-making decisions.

Reference Committee A, 10:00 AM (ROOM TBA)
Administration, Budget, Building, House of Delegates, Membership Processing
Reference Committee B, 11:30 AM (ROOM TBA)
President’s Address, Miscellaneous Matters, Component Societies, Subsidiaries, Strategic Planning, Annual Session
Reference Committee C, 1:00 PM (ROOM TBA)
Dental Education, Dental Economics, Health and Dental Care Programs
Reference Committee D, 2:00 PM (ROOM TBA)
Legislative, Legal and Governmental Affairs
Reference Committee E, 3:30 PM (ROOM TBA)
Constitution, Bylaws, Ethics & Peer Review

Reference Committee times are subject to change.  Final room locations to be announced in the onsite program. All Reference Committees will be located at the Henry B. Gonzelez Convention Center.