Reference Committees

Reference Committee hearings offer an opportunity for any member to participate in the TDA policy-making process. All members are encouraged to attend the hearings scheduled on Thursday, May 3. All 2017-2018 resolutions will be discussed before presentation to the TDA House of Delegates for policy-making decisions.

Reference Committee A, 10:00 AM
Administration, Budget, Building, House of Delegates, Membership Processing
Reference Committee B, 11:30 AM
President’s Address, Miscellaneous Matters, Component Societies, Subsidiaries, Strategic Planning, Annual Session
Reference Committee C, 1:00 PM
Dental Education, Dental Economtics, Health and Dental Care Programs
Reference Committee D, 2:00 PM
Legislative, Legal and Governmental Affairs
Reference Committee E, 3:30 PM
Constitution, Bylaws, Ethics & Peer Review

Reference Committee times are subject to change.  Final room locations to be announced in the onsite program.