CE Certificates

2019 Certificate/CE Verification
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It’s up to you to self-report and maintain your CE records. However, you can find your receipts via the following links for the past 3 years to our annual meeting. The receipts only verify that you paid for the course, not your attendance. If you do not have the certificate of completion, you can use the receipt with any notes or materials that you have for the course. The 2018 link should allow for you find your certificate as per our registration service partner/QMS’s below statement, for up to nine months after a show. 

QMS/Online CE Verification Attendees can complete and print their certificate from the convenience of their own computer for up to nine months after a show. If, for any reason, an attendee does not print his/her certificate on site, they can easily go online to a site developed by QMS and print the CE certificate. Our site will also allow the certificate to be electronically mailed to the attendee and/or a designated third party. For further assistance please contact QMS: 678-341-3039.

2018 Certificate/CE Verification
2017 Record of Registration
2016 Record of Registration