TDA Meeting Speakers

2019 Speakers TBA soon!

The 2018 TDA Meeting will feature experts from national dental and business communities presenting on a variety of cutting-edge topics. Download the 2018 Meeting Guide for a complete list of speakers, topics, and events. 

New speakers not to be missed at the 2018 meeting:

Francisco Aguilar
Steven Anderson
Bill Bell, CDT
Dan Bentley, DDS
Mark Cannon, DDS, MS
Tom Colquitt, DDS
Ralph Cooley, DDS
Todd Ehrlich, DDS
Kevin Henry, MA
Joleen Jackson
Dayna Johnson
Parag Kachalia, DDS
John Kenney, DDS
Norma Lacy
McHenry Lee, DDS
Susan Maples, DDS
Robert McDermott
Pamela Moore, DDS
William Moorhead, DMD
Anna Munne, DDS
Anders Nattestad, DDS, PhD
Vijay Parashar, BDS, DDS
Betsy Reynolds, RDH, MS
Mark Roettger, DDS
Beth Ryerse, RDH
Michael Scherer, DDS, MS
Thomas Schlieve, DDS, MD
Roy Shelburne, DDS
Kevin Suzuki, DMD, MS
Carrie Webber
Jesse Welch, DDS
Jessica Wilson, MPH